• Hey. Good to see you here. Thank you for visiting this site. ComeOnDesis is an initiative by an imperfect, growing and open-minded individual (that's me!) to serve and impact our communities more positively. In order to see the positive change in our communities, there must first be a positive change in us, and we are to seek, find and learn the truth about life. Only the truth about life can set us free and equip us to live a joyful life to the fullest potential. ComeOnDesis is a friendly challenge to introspect thought process and belief system in order to find the truth and a new true self, and live a new true life. ComeOnDesis is about standing for the truth.
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    The moments I truly live are the moments when I act with my entire will - Oswald Chambers

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Welcome to ComeOnDesis! 

Introduction by the Editor

When I first registered this site in 2007, my goal was to create a safe place where people could share positive information, express ideas of creativity and fun, and strengthen each other. I was not a Christian that time, and I did not intend to focus my site mainly upon teachings of Jesus. However, that had changed over the years as I studied Jesus more closely. While this site will still continue to contain creative and fun stuff, it will also focus mainly on topics related to Jesus, Theology and social justice.

I believe this site can be helpful to anyone irrespective of religious background. Loyal readers and subscribers of various religious backgrounds from multiple countries tell me that they find the content on this site to be practical, positive and solution-oriented. Some of them joined me and contributed articles. Regular readers claim that this site helped them overcome their negative environment. Some readers also claim that they find new hope reading articles on this site. However, I personally believe that this site does not deserve such wonderful feedback yet. 

Below, you will find answers to some commonly asked questions.

What is the foundational principle for ComeOnDesis.com?

The foundational principle of ComeOnDesis is servant-leadership. "Servant leadership is a lifelong journey that includes discovery of one’s self, a desire to serve others, and a commitment to lead" (source: Wikipedia on Servant Leadership)

What is the inspiration behind the latest version of ComeOnDesis.com?
The love and power of the Biblical Jesus Christ and his teachings about the Kingdom of God.

I am not a Christian. Can I use this site?
As per the feedback received from readers of various religious backgrounds, we believe this site can be helpful to anyone irrespective of religious background. However, it is up to you how you want to (or not want to) use this site.

What is the vision of ComeOnDesis.com?
Every person is unique and important. Just because someone is well recognized or successful, it doesn't mean that that person has more worth than others. The worth of a person depends on what he or she is on the inside. Every person, had he not lived, would leave a void in someone else's life. In short, if the content on this site helps even one person come out of his or her spiral of negativity, then the goal will have been accomplished. So, in case that you are going through any negative situation in your life, please realize that you are not alone.

So, are you ready?
If you think that together we can grow, you are welcome to subscribe here. Articles will be delivered to your email inbox when added to the site.

How do I contribute an article?
Please read the guidelines before you choose to write so that you do not waste your time :). 

Thank you
Finally, please note that we are imperfect people. This site is our humble attempt to express ourselves, and we trust that we are all growing.

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