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    The moments I truly live are the moments when I act with my entire will - Oswald Chambers

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My Adventure with Subba Rao - A childhood memory that still teaches me about friendship

kidsfunny“When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.” - Emo Philips

When I was about 10 yr old, I had a friend called Subba Rao. Subba Rao was a rough and tough guy, and of my age. We were good buddies. We used to fight often, but we always become buddies again.  We used to get into fights for silly things. His house was right next to mine and so I used to hang out with him almost always. Subba Rao knows only one alphabet (when translated, it is ‘F’ in English). He rarely speaks anything without using ‘F’. You get what I mean?

Whenever I think of this incident related to Subba Rao, I laugh even now. This happened on one hot sunny day in a summer. I wanted to teach Subba Rao a lesson because I got fed up with his ‘F’ words on me. I told him that we both could go for a bicycle ride to a nearby pond. He got excited and agreed to come with me.

We both rode to the pond on my bicycle, which was about 4 miles from our homes. By the time we reached the pond, we were pretty tired. My strategic plan was to ditch Subba Rao at the pond, and I ride bicycle alone back to my home. This would be a good punishment for him to come home walking in that hot sun!

I was trying different tricks to get him far off me so that I could run away with my bicycle. For example, I was telling him to pick some colorful stones for me, or I was encouraging him to get into the water and swim for a while. Somehow, none of these tricks seemed to be working as if he already knew what I had in my mind.

At last I told him that I would show some cool stunts with my bicycle. He was interested. I told him to stay there and keep watching me. Then I rode my bicycle towards my home. He thought that I would be returning back after a short distance.

When I realized that I was about 200 meters from him, I turned back and shouted “Hey, Subba Rao, you %%&**#$%@#*&*" (I vented out all my bad words on him). He became really angry and started chasing me. He chased me for about half a mile, felt tired and gave up. I could not stop laughing seeing him running behind me and crying. I shouted at him in maniacal laughter “Don’t mess with me”.

Later that day, I learnt that Subba Rao managed a ride from someone else who was coming that way. I was extremely disappointed that he got a ride. We did not speak to each other for about a week. Then on the eighth day, I asked him if he could join me for a hide-and-seek game. Again, we became buddies.

Shouldn't we always forget our wrongs and forgive one another?

Photo credit: 123rf.com