Tips for writing ComeOnDesis qualified articles

Write and Express yourself of your servant-leadership:

Thank you for your interest in writing for ComeOnDesis, a site that, since its inception in June 2007, has been dedicated to providing practical and positive articles for its readers . Many loyal readers/subscribers from many countries respect the regular authors of ComeOnDesis.

What can I write about?
If you like the principle of "servant-leadership," you may share any practical information that is helpful to others in their day-to-day lives. We are looking for people with good motives, not necessarily people with good writing skills.

My English is bad. Will you accept my article?
It is all right if your article has grammatical errors as long as the article provides a good message, and we feel that you put effort into it. We will try to help you with the proofreading.

How do I submit my article?
You can email your article to: c o m e o n d e s i s at gmail d o t com (leave out spaces). If your article is selected for publishing, we may get back to you for your short-bio and a profile picture.

- You must be the original author and agree to the Terms of this site.
- If you use content from another source (for example, an image or a quote), please give full credit to the appropriate source. Unless you attribute copyrights to other sources, it will be automatically assumed that you own all the copyrights of your content.
- Your content may be edited before it is published.
- If you want to submit your content but you are not sure whether your content will be accepted for publishing, please send a summary first. We will try to let you know if your content is appropriate for publishing on this site. This may save your time by keeping you from writing something that is not suitable for publishing on this site.
- There is no monetary compensation of any sort for your published content. 

If you have any questions, please email us at c o m e o n d e s i s at gmail d o t com.